About us

We are the only company dedicated to the distribution of content (shorts, movies, concerts, etc.) in all the theaters of Central and Dominican Republic.  We provide a complete service, with specialized areas in marketing and operations in each country, focusing on maximizing profits of the distributed content. 

Over the years, Balun Films has developed a strong relationship with internationally recognized studios and licensees such as Disney, Lionsgate, Summit, among others.

In recent years, Balun Films has accomplished to position in cinemas across the region, blockbusters like, The Avengers, Ironman 3, Monsters University, and the Twilight Saga.

To join the latest successes are: The Hunger Games Saga and The Divergent Series; these position Balun Films as a leader in launching a box office phenomenon in several countries simultaneously.

Our experience in distribution dates back to 1980, where the company VideoMark was created for the distribution of Mexican films in all cinemas in El Salvador. After numerous successful releases, VideoMark was given the opportunity to launch operations in Central America. Thus, we have become the only company dedicated to the distribution of content on the big screen with operations in the region and Dominican Republic. Since then, we have grown with different studios and distributors, to establish ourselves as a company that provides the best solution for distribution matters throughout the region.

In 2015, VideoMark evolves and becomes Balun Films, in order to be positioned and recognized by the studios, licensees and target audience as a strong brand and an expert in the business.